The Fashion Trends of Spring 2011 – Maintain and Innovation

People discuss fashion all the time, and their views of fashions are different. It seems that until a fashion show ends, we know what the fashion is at present. Actually different fashion shows have different fashion styles, but from the trends of last year, we can forecast the trends of 2011.Fashion has no big difference every year, in spring of 2011, it will continue the luxurious fabrics and color.New York Fashion Weeks told us the trends in 2011 spring.1. The straight and narrow. Clean and no-nonsense silhouettes take us back to 90s minimalism. No matter suit or dress, these clothes are always designed simple, with single color, no extra decorations; the differences are expressed by cutting. Minimalism makes people feeling fresh and cool.2. Cuts in two ways. Fashion’s deconstructionists begin to realize that leave out is the same important as what they put into the designs. Besides neckline, cuff, trouser-legs, the cuts in waist of clothes and one side of shoulder or trouser-leg will be the new attempt.3. The Light Fantastic. Luminous separates lit up the spring 2011. If Spring 2011 is a concert, and the straight and narrow styles are light music, the light fantastic seems more like floodlights at a heavy metal concert. This kind of fashionable clothes fits for the people who like to be very unique and like to get noticed.4. In the Mix. Mix doesn’t mean disorder. Punchy prints pack more punch when they are paired with other prominent patterns. You can mix different colors up, or decorate the dress with little shivering. Too many colors makes people bright-colored, this might be a little discursive, so little shivering on your dress will be more popular.5. New days of disco. Fluid drapery and luxe fabrics make you feel like you’re sitting on Studio 54 banquette between Halstonettes Bianca Japper and Angelica Huston. Different from purely white or black, bright color will get more attention and make you feel like in a disco bar.6. What lies beneath. As the name implies, these fashion clothes are designed very thin and transparent, you can look into the beneath wear through the outer clothes, translucent clothes leave much to the imagination. But unfortunately, spring is a little cold, people always wear sheer skirts, just translucent tops couldn’t get the expected effect and the whole translucent dress probably appears in summer.7. Tops of the game. Stressed on tops like design sports bras for the sartorially sawy racked up major style points this season. Pay more attention on the design special tops, especially on bra tops will be fascinating and get more attention.It seems that simple, concise are still the traits of fashion trends, there is a little modification in spring 2011.

Fashion Icons and Wearing Red

There are different colours which are worn every autumn, every winter, every spring and every summer. There are not too many colours which are out of fashion, fashion all being about colours, but there are some colours which are more frequently encountered than others and red is one of them.Red is a colour which is definitely on an ascending direction, one that is defining for the autumn-winter collection this year. Red is a colour which only the daring women can wear and those who want to catch everyone’s eye. This is the best choice for those women who like being in the centre of attention. Red is a passionate colour, a very sensual one, one that has been chosen by designers all over the world because of the passion and the voluptuous features it breathes and it transmits. This is exactly why red could not be missing from the catwalks this year. This is more than just a feminine shade and it can be combined with a lot of other shades and tones, the most important part being that you have to identify yourself with this colour and with its features.Red is also a colour which has made many women famous over time. However, you don’t have to wear a certain colour to become a fashion icon, this being a more complex situation and a much more complex process. You must have good taste and even good advisors around you. There have been a lot of women who have become models through their way of dressing up and of acting, imposing a real fashion trend. Here are some examples of very famous women, who have revolutionized the world of fashion.First of all, there is Dita von Teese, one of the women who enjoyed the more dramatic colours and who was very fond of the retro style, combined with the glamour one. Then, there is Princess Diana, who was an example a lot of other women followed and who was very famous for its social life and for its taste in fashion. We can even encounter her personal fashion style today. Then, there is Sarah Jessica Parker, who is a very non-conformist person and who really has something to show in terms of personality. Last but not least, there would be Nicole Kidman, who is best characterized through the words simplicity and refinement. These are the words which define the way she dresses and the way she teaches the world to dress when attending any sort of event and when approaching any kind of situation.We all have our personal fashion styles although not all of us are famous for it. Fashion can be considered a quite relative domain as not all people have to obey the rules. This means that if you don’t like the retro fashion style, you don;t have to wear retro clothes just to please the others, but of course you can make an exception from time to time. Of course, that is if you really care.

2013 Fashion – The Top 5 Styles You Will Love

This summer’s fashion styles are a mixture of stunning oriental and floral patterns to bold stripes and checks, tuxedos and suits to swinging sixties styles, matte polka dots to shimmering metallic evening dresses. Even though the assortment is vast, I am going to concentrate on the top 5 styles this season that are guaranteed to get you noticed!Sixties
The swinging sixties are back in fashion. With colours becoming even more bold and vibrant and the mini skirt creeping its way back in distinctly, it is not surprising that this free flowing, carefree style has made its return with great pride. Pleated minis are a cute addition to any fashionistas wardrobe and with the weather becoming more friendly towards them why not let it shine and show it off in style. Even that long sleeve, cotton tie-dye top which has been hiding away all winter will be a welcome change this season.Metallic
A particular favourite in the catwalks this season, metallics are an all-round must have this summer. With shimmering gold and silvers they can set any outfit off with a beautiful, eye-catching shine. Long, scoop neck metallic mesh tops are a favourite at the moment for casual wear so why not make it stand out with a contrast colour underneath? Another constant appearance for metallic is the ever so glamorous evening dress. Just the way metallic fabric falls gives that sophisticated sense of style to any figure.Stripes
Stripes are great for setting the perfect appearance. Vertical stripes are excellent for giving that tall, slim appearance so use them to your advantage. Most people do not realise but pinstripe suits add that touch of sophistication without going overboard, for those people who feel they could not pull off bolder stripes. However, do be cautious; gauge the size of stripes to suit your figure as incorrect judgment can cause an extreme fashion faux pas.Oriental prints
Caught on the catwalk last winter and still heading down the red carpet this season. Red, black, turquoise and pink colours with that beautiful cherry blossom pattern in shining gold look amazing in every aspect. Keeping in theme with the iconic floral styles, it is not surprising oriental patterns have entered the summer must haves. Not only do they catch the light and make your stunning outfit stand out, they accentuate the figure attractively. Splash out on gorgeous gold cherry blossom kimono jackets, mandarin collared tops and trousers this summer and get those heads on the high street turning towards your glimpse of eastern paradise!Checks
With check starting on the red carpet in last October, this high class style (mostly associated with the royals) has kept up its appearance this season. Chess board blocks in black and white are a great way to set that upper market look, however be careful; too much check can overkill an outfit, instead treat it as an addition, a check collar over a suit jacket can put that je ne sais quoi to a tailored suit without going overboard.So, with these top 5 styles in every shop window at the moment and their popularity on the rise throughout summer, you can rest safe in the knowledge that these fashion flairs can be a happy addition to your wardrobe and get you noticed without breaking your bank balance.